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"Photography is not about the thing photographed. It's about what the thing photographed is seen like". Garry Winogrand

Welcome to my most intimate and personal part, my vision of life and art. In this blog, once a month or maybe every two months, I will publish articles about my work, my projects and the process of creation of some of them, tips for creative or not so creative editions, some video tutorials of some tricks or techniques that you can use in your editing work, also news from the art world that I consider relevant, or about photographers or artists that inspire me. I will not limit myself to talk or write only about photography, about my opinion of art in general and perhaps, some interviews to inspiring artists that can give us all ideas and inspiration. You can also ask me questions in the comments and I will try to help you if I know how. 

I invite you to subscribe in the form below and together, create a community to share thoughts, ideas and inspiration.


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The Beginning

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Hello everybody.

Here we start the adventure...

In the presentation you can see the purpose I want for this blog, a meeting place to talk and share my personal opinion with all of you, approximately once every month and a half or two, starting a topic with small articles about art in general and also talk to you about my future projects, as well as the ones I have done and what has led me to tackle them. I will try to explain how a project is "born" in my mind and how I bring it to completion as best as possible when I talk about them.

But I don't want to limit it to talk about me, or my "world", I want, or I will try, to make instructive, inspiring and interesting articles. It is also possible that I will include some interviews with photographers (I have already talked to some of them and they have generously agreed to do so) that I follow and inspire me so that we can all learn more about them, enjoy their work and, why not, find inspiration for ourselves.

I also hope, from time to time, to add a videotutorial explaining some of the techniques I use in the development of my work.

But the most important thing is your participation, it would be of little use the illusion to share one's work if you don't have the support of others.

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Therefore I invite you to subscribe to this blog and participate in it, commenting on the articles, giving your opinion, proposing topics for future posts, asking me questions about something that interests you to know about me or my work, any suggestions you have related to the field that concerns us, art, photography, photographic techniques, editing, etc., it would be a pleasure to have you and your invaluable collaboration and make this little corner of my website a place to share and learn from each other.

To join this adventure with me, you can subscribe in the following link or button, with a simple click you will be supporting me and starting this journey with me, something that I thank you enormously.



As many of you know, I have been working for quite some time on the STREET MULTIEXPOSURE  COURSE, I want to...
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