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Hello everybody.

Here we start the adventure...

In the presentation you can see the purpose I want for this blog, a meeting place to talk and share my personal opinion with all of you, approximately once every month and a half or two, starting a topic with small articles about art in general and also talk to you about my future projects, as well as the ones I have done and what has led me to tackle them. I will try to explain how a project is "born" in my mind and how I bring it to completion as best as possible when I talk about them.

But I don't want to limit it to talk about me, or my "world", I want, or I will try, to make instructive, inspiring and interesting articles. It is also possible that I will include some interviews with photographers (I have already talked to some of them and they have generously agreed to do so) that I follow and inspire me so that we can all learn more about them, enjoy their work and, why not, find inspiration for ourselves.

I also hope, from time to time, to add a videotutorial explaining some of the techniques I use in the development of my work.

But the most important thing is your participation, it would be of little use the illusion to share one's work if you don't have the support of others.

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Therefore I invite you to subscribe to this blog and participate in it, commenting on the articles, giving your opinion, proposing topics for future posts, asking me questions about something that interests you to know about me or my work, any suggestions you have related to the field that concerns us, art, photography, photographic techniques, editing, etc., it would be a pleasure to have you and your invaluable collaboration and make this little corner of my website a place to share and learn from each other.

To join this adventure with me, you can subscribe in the following link or button, with a simple click you will be supporting me and starting this journey with me, something that I thank you enormously.



As many of you know, I have been working for quite some time on the STREET MULTIEXPOSURE  COURSE, I want to share with you that it is now available for purchase with a launch price of 60% less than the price it usually has. I am very happy with the final result, it has cost me a lot of work to do it, in the end there are more than 11 and a half hours of recorded videos, explaining step by step how, starting from six photographs taken by me in Vienna, to reach a final result that, personally, I like very much. In the course I explain everything step by step, I do not keep any secret, I share completely my method of editing this type of artworks, from beginning to end, with which I have achieved many international awards, participate in exhibitions, be published in several specialized magazines and why not say it, get good sales in the galleries that represent me right now.

I encourage you to visit the WEB WITH ALL THE INFORMATION and I leave you a view of the two final results that we got at the end of the course.

On the left you can see the final development only with Adobe Camera RAW and Photoshop and on the right using, in addition, the Nick Color Effex suite or pluging.
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GUS  - color-grading-nik-redes.jpg


Frequency Separation Focusing

To start this adventure, I want to share with you a little trick to focus our work in Photoshop, the FREQUENCY SEPARATION, is a technique widely used by retouchers, let's say "beauty", who do portrait above all, is very useful to correct or remove parts of the image that do not want to be seen, such as wrinkles in the skin, pimples, etc.. ...all this you will have seen countless times in the portraits that can be seen on the internet with immaculate skin, today, I think 99% of these photos go through Photoshop and this technique.

In essence, the FREQUENCY SEPARATION, consists of separating a layer or image in Photoshop in two new layers in which we will separate on one side the texture of the image, layer "HIGH or TEXTURE" and on the other side the color and tones, layer "LOW or TONES", we will put them in a group and in this way we will be able to work in two different layers our image, in one the TEXTURE and in another the TONES or the COLOR.

As I said, it is widely used in the "beauty" retouching since it allows, in a simple way (although it is still laborious) to combine the work in both layers by means of the CORRECTOR BRUSH to retouch the image, especially skins in portraits.

In the TONES layer we can correct skin imperfections such as pimples, some hair, etc., that affect the texture without cloning tones and color and in the TEXTURE (or HIGH) layer the same, but cloning only color and tones without affecting the texture. We will do this using the CORRECTOR BRUSH, we will clone, with patience, the areas that we want to retouch, in both layers and in the TONE or COLOR layer we can also make small selections with the LOOP TOOL and apply to these selections FILTER/ NOISE/MEDIUM in a controlled way and we will be able to correct these defects. It is a tedious task, but it gives magnificent results.

But this technique has one more application, which is the one that concerns us in this case and the one I want to show you, using it with subtlety you will be able to give your images a point of focus that is not destructive and even a "punch" in the environment in general, so, as it is better that you see for yourselves, I leave you a video of how I apply this technique to focus an image and get what I consider to be the best results for me in the section "MEMBERS AREA" videos FREE. I hope you find it useful.

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